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W3FF made the original instructions on building a home built Buddistick.  He commercially manufacturers the Buddistick and Buddipole.  This is the Buddistick that I made.  It was built similar to the instructions but I changed a few things.  I didn’t use the speaker wire, I used # 14 enamel wire for the coils and inside the bottom tube.  The top piece I made from 1/2” PVC and drove a 3/8” X 24 coupling into th 1/2” PVC (it makes a tight fit).  If you use the alternate whips I would do it differently (see below).  Download the instructions below.

I made the bottom pole first.  It is made from 3/4” PVC sch 40, 26” long.  I drilled a small hole 1” from the top and bottom (only through one side of the pipe).  I then put in a # 14 enamel wire inside the pie and pulled the wire out through the holes.  The bottom wire only needs to be 1” long, but the the top will need to extend out about 6”.  On the bottom I drilled tow holes (at right angles to one another) for 6x32 bolts (one of the holes needs to be close to the wire).   Insert the bolts into the hole and add nuts.  Scrape off the enamel off the bottom wire and secure it to the bolt closes to it (I soldered a lug on mine).  Place a second nut to hole the wire onto the bolt and then place the Wing nut on the bolt.  On the other bolt place a Wing Nut on the bolt (his will be used for the coax shield and Radial). 

Cut the coil forms according to the chart below (use 3/4” PVC pipe).  Drill a hole all the way through the PVC (this should be a tight fit for # 14 enamel wire) 1” from each end, the holes should be oriented the same way.  Push one end of the wire all the way through the pipe living about 6” exposed.  Wind the number of turns indicated in he chart below and then push the end all the way through the pipe to secure the coil. 

Whip Mounting Detail 9 1/2’ Whip w/3/8” x 24 Thread
Whip Mounting Detail 3/8” x 24
Alternate Whip Mounting Detail 72” Whip w/1/4” x 20 Thread
Mounting the antenna, I put a 3/4” plug into a coupling (slip one end for the plug and threaded on the other end for the antenna) and mounted the assembly on a spring clip.  I can then place the on a table etc.  It works good up to ~ 1” table, if thicker it will then lean to one side.  I’m working on a different mount.  Attach the Radial and Coax, the Radial is an elevated Radial, it doesn’t touch the ground.  Using the chart as a starting pint, hook-up your antenna analyzer and find the lowest SWR.  If the frequency is high then, you will need to lengthened the radial, etc. If you don’t have an antenna analyzer then you will have use your SWR meter on your radio or tuner.  To get the approximate setting for your tuner - tune for maximum noise and then check the SWR. 

Buddistick Components - Whip - Coils - Bottom Pole - Clamp

Buddistick Antenna Top Section
Buddistick Bottom Section - 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, Configuration

Buddistick Antenna Mounted using clamp
Buddistick Antenna / 10M Coil Bottom Section

I did an analysis of my home built Buddistick.  The radial lengths are different than what was published in the article as I built mine a little different.  I corrected the table above.  I used EZNEC to model each configuration.  Below are the results, showing the SWR curve for eah band.  It is based on a height of 4’ (off the ground) for the Buddistick and 1’ at the end of the radial.  The radial has to be above ground. 



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