“2012 EFC” Award



The award is issued by the KRARS (Kharkiv regional amateur radio society) in honor of EFC 2012 in Kharkov.
It will be awarded to stations (S.W.L inc.) who will provide sufficient evidence of contacts with Special stations from Kharkov as follows:
1. Dates: 01.06.2012 – 01.07.2012
2. At least 20 points or 12 QSO must be achieved.
3. No doubles on band are allowed.
4. All modes and frequencies of HAM RADIO QSO's are allowed.

For points version:
Contacts with special station EM2012EURO are 3 points.
Contacts with special stations EM2012L, EN2012L, EO2012L are 2 points.
Contacts with other special stations from Kharkov are 1 points.
Calls: EM2012LL, EM2012LS, EM2012LWY,EN2012LTX,EO2012LBL, EO2012LD, EO2012LE, EO2012LX, EO2012LF, EO2012LN.

When using only than only 50 MHz and is higher the award enough to carry out 3 QSO with special stations of Kharkov.

Award manager: Tokar Igor, US0LW

Fees: 5 IRC or 5 USD
WebMoney payment is possible. On this matter contact to the award manager.
Please send your contacts list & request signed by 2 licensed amateurs to:
Igor Tokar, P.O.Box 2009, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Last date to apply: 31.12.2012